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Easily handle admissions using Vidya360, which provides a hassle-free online and offline process experience. Boost the enrolment process at your school with flexibility and efficiency.

Use Vidya360 to streamline fee accounting. Our simplified approach guarantees your school will have good financial management, making the procedure simple and efficient.

Transform your school's examination landscape with Vidya360's Total Examination Management. From scheduling to grading, our comprehensive solution ensures a seamless and efficient examination process, empowering educators and enhancing the academic experience of students.

Effortlessly manage staff leaves with Vidya360's Leave Management System. Streamline the process, from request submission to approval, ensuring a smooth workflow for efficient workforce management in your school.

Elevate your school's literary ecosystem with Vidya360's Library Management feature. From cataloging to tracking, our user-friendly solution ensures seamless organization and accessibility, fostering a vibrant reading culture in your institution.

Utilise Vidya360's Certificate Generation tool to empower your institution and guarantee correct and timely certificate issuing. Simplify the procedure with an easy-to-use and effective solution made just for your school, from participation awards to academic successes.

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